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New Growth

About Us

Tenterden Mindfulness Group is a leading provider of Mindfulness training in Kent and East Sussex as well as nationally on-line.


We run mindfulness courses, tasters, groups and retreats throughout the year.  We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England and Wales - Charity Number 1181209.  

Our Charitable Objectives are:

  • to improve physical, social, mental and emotional health and well-being through education in the practice of Mindfulness across the age spectrum.

  • to support practice and research into Mindfulness having regard to the evidence on what is effective.

Our History

Tenterden Mindfulness Group (TMG) came into being following a series of events in the life of it’s founder Dr Neil Pillai, a local GP.


We all experience distress of one kind or another. It is part of the human condition. For many people this can lead to a deterioration in wellbeing which impacts not just on the individual but on those they come into contact with. And as social beings who interconnect on a daily basis the effects of this can be felt by many.


In January 2013 I realised I needed to do something to address my own wellbeing and via a couple of YouTube videos stumbled upon a book Mindfulness-How to Find Peace in a Frantic World by Professor Mark Williams and Danny Penman. It was an 8 week programme where each day for 10 to 20 minutes I listened to meditations on a CD. Within a few weeks I experienced changes in how I was relating to both myself and those around me, and an increased sense of wellbeing and happiness was the outcome.........

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Our Trustees and Associates
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