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Concession Application

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Concessions to Assist with Course Affordability

Through the generosity of our supporters and their kind donations, we are able to offer a small number of financial concessions to assist with course affordability.

The concessions are completely discretionary and are awarded based on individual circumstances.

If you would like to apply for a concession to help make a course affordable for you then please apply using the form below.



STEP ONE - Complete the Application Form.

Once completed, your form will be reviewed and assessed by our dedicated committee and you will be advised by email if we are able to offer you any financial support.  The decision of the committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the level of financial help offered.

STEP TWO - Use Your Personal Discount Code

If we are in a position to be able to offer you financial assistance with the cost of attending the course then you will be sent a personalised DISCOUNT CODE that you can use when booking your place via our website - simple!

Concession Application
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A small number of financial concessions are available for each of our Mindfulness courses to assist with affordability.

These concessions are available to anyone in the local community who would benefit from attending a course but who cannot afford to pay the full fee.
Concessions will be granted on the basis of score, responses to open questions and the number of available places.

All information supplied will be treated in the STRICTEST CONFIDENCE and will be used solely for the purpose of assessing eligibility for financial assitance.  Data is held in accordance with our Privacy Policy and is securely destroyed after use.
Work Status
Do you/ your household have difficulty meeting basic living expenses (e.g. food, fuel, heating, utilities)?
Do you/ your household rely on benefits (including a state pension) to meet your weekly living expenses?

Thank you for your application.  Your information will be reviewed by our committee and you will be informed of their decision in due course by email using the email address given above.

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