Finding Peace in a Frantic World

Do you sometimes feel that your life is defined by frantic busyness, anxiety, stress and exhaustion? If so the Finding Peace course may be for you! The course is designed to help participants to settle their minds and enhance their natural happiness and contentment using mindfulness meditation.

The course is delivered in 90-minute sessions over eight weeks and introduces participants to mindful awareness through a range of practices that encourage us to bring curiosity to our experience and befriend the body. Throughout the sessions we:

  • develop mindfulness in everyday activities

  • pay attention to our thoughts and feelings

  • explore how we react or respond to difficulties

  • consider how we relate to ourselves and others

  • review how we can develop a healthier balance in our lives.

Sunset in the Nature

The sessions are a mix of mindfulness practices, input from the teacher and opportunities to share in small groups and the group as a whole.