MBCT Course

About Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

The course is 8 weeks long consisting of weekly 2-hour sessions.  These will consist of Mindfulness meditation practices and some discussions arising from these as well as some other exercises. There will be no requirement for any discussion about your own personal circumstances, and this is actually not encouraged. 

In fact some people can take the whole course without saying anything, yet gaining a great deal from it. There will also be a pre-course introductory meeting and also a Mindfulness Day. It is important and most helpful to attend all components of the course, though it would not preclude you from doing the course if you needed to miss one of the sessions.

There will be a course folder, handouts and CDs of guided meditations for the home practice. 

Although there is some reading involved in this course, by far the most important component of the course will be spent doing the meditation practices, both in the sessions and as part of the daily homework which will be set each week.

There is no getting away from it…Meditation can sound a little bit strange!

But if you can get past this, and are willing to try for yourself something radically different, and yet something for which there is an increasing evidence base, you may open a door to a different way of being.

Participants will be expected to dedicate up to an hour a day to the home practices that will be set at each session. 

This sounds challenging, and can be with the busy lives we all lead, but there are usually solutions to be found which will be discussed at the pre-course meeting. For many of us there can be a sense of not enough time in the day and so trying to find another hour can create even more anxiety. 

Our experience, and that of previous participants, is that Mindfulness practice can somehow result in a sense of there being MORE time in the day. As with the learning of any new skill, it takes a certain amount of dedication and time. It is only 8 weeks of your life, so what have you got to lose? We hope that if you choose to commit to a course you will find out, for yourself that it was worth it.

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