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  • Neil Pillai

Welcome to TMG's 1st Post!

After last months meeting I mentioned an App by Jon Kabbat-Zin which I downloaded to my phone. There are a variety of length guided meditations including some related to how to bring Mindfulness more into everyday life- which is what it's all about really.

And by practising a little everyday through the more formal meditations can with this aim.

The link can be found here.

I also mentioned a book, again by Jon Kabbat-Zin, which is called Wherever you Go There You Are which some of you may have read . It's another great resource ( with short chapters!) on many different aspects of Mindfulness. Here are the details.

It seems apt that the content of my first posting centres on Jon Kabbat- Zin as he was the molecular biologist who first brought a non religious Mindfulness programme to the West, introducing a course into the Massachusetts General Hospital,over 30 years ago, to help patients with chronic illnesses. I am actually going to a teaching day with him in May so very much looking forward to that.

I have also attached the Neuroscience and Evidence of Mindfulness Talk I gave at the meeting last month in case any of you are interested.

Hope to see some of you at the next Monthly Meeting in Tenterden.


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