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  • Laura Acosta

The Present!

Laura Acosta, one of Tenterden Mindfulness Group's teachers, shares some information and her thoughts about the upcoming NEW mindfulness course - The Present - which starts on 15th September 2020.

I’m looking forward to leading my first 8-week course for Tenterden Mindfulness Group, and I have really enjoyed meeting some of you already through the recent reConnect course and online practice sessions. It has been a real joy during lockdown to create connections and to share some ideas on mindfulness practice together.

I have been practicing mindfulness for 5 years and am now a trained MBSR teacher. In this time, I have found mindfulness to be not only hugely resourcing for me personally, but I have also witnessed the significant impact it has had on my relationships with others, my relationship with my local community and with the wider world around me. This has to be a good thing, right?

Is ‘The Present’ just for people new to Mindfulness?

This course is actually for anyone. It’s great for people new to mindfulness or who have some personal experience of using mindfulness apps, videos, guided audios etc. or who may have attended introductory courses in the past.

But, it’s also suitable for anyone who has completed either an 8 Week MBSR, MBCT, or equivalent course as it may encourage the opportunity to refresh and reinvigorate our mindfulness practice and foster practical ways to integrate mindfulness into daily life. I have attended The Present course twice myself already and loved it!

How is ‘The Present’ different to other Mindfulness courses?

The course covers 7 key themes introducing different aspects of mindfulness. It is a new style of eight-week course to foster mindfulness and well-being in the daily life of busy adults.

There is no requirement for formal practice every day. The course focuses on encouraging friendly, mindful awareness towards experience in the midst of busy lives.

The programme supports “reversing in” to discovering and choosing ways to practise mindfulness arising from awareness of how things are for each person in their life.

I hope you might take a look at the course description and further links (here) and do get in contact if you would like any further information or have any questions. I look forward to seeing you online for ‘The Present’ – you will be very warmly welcomed!

Booking your place is simple via our quick on-line booking system.

Best wishes


If you are concerned about joining an on-line course, please refer to our help page (here) for support and guidance - its much easier than you might imagine!

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