Taster Course

Mindfulness is essentially an evidence-based training programme for the Mind and Body where we can learn some practical skills to support a happier life and to respond to challenges in more helpful ways.

  • New to Mindfulness? Want to learn more?

  • Not practiced for a while and need a refresher?

Join us for a 3 week Mindfulness Taster Course and explore some of the key themes of the various 8 week Mindfulness courses that Tenterden Mindfulness Group offers.​

The three sessions will give you a taste of what Mindfulness is and have been designed for BOTH those with no or limited knowledge of Mindfulness, as well as those who may have some experience but would like to reconnect with Mindfulness.

In this session you will explore how recognising and connecting with sensations in your body can help you let go of your often busy mind, and steady yourself in the moment during turbulent times.

Increased awareness of bodily sensations can also help us recognise our stress responses more quickly and therefore enable us to prioritise our self-care when it is most needed.

In this session you will explore the tendencies we all have to get carried away and lost in thoughts and worries, often without even knowing it!, which can lead us to feeling anxious or stressed.  


You will learn how to notice this and, through focusing on the sensations in your body, begin to develop the tools to give you a bit more head space and so be more empowered to help yourself.

Session 3 - Opening to Mindfulness in Everyday Life

In this session you will explore how Mindfulness can become a part of everyday life - whether through moment-to-moment awareness of our experience, or more consciously developing an approach of gratitude and kindness towards our experience, however it presents itself to us.

Opening out to the good and stepping out of automatic pilot can empower us to live our lives more fully and to thrive and flourish.

Participants will be supported with written materials, brief mindfulness practices and ways to integrate what is learned into everyday life. 

Please check our course schedule HERE for the next Taster Course and how to book your place!

As a GP I am interested in helping all of us make the most of our lives, especially as we navigate through these unprecedented and uncertain times. What these times have shown us is that no-one is exempt from the challenges that life can throw up, whether that be the direct consequences of the Pandemic or the internal worries that we have about what might happen. We may also have had glimpses of how the slower pace of life may have revealed to us some simple pleasures - the beauty of nature perhaps or the kindness of others.


It’s never been more important to do things that support our well-being, not just for ourselves but so that we are in the best possible shape for those around us.


The National Health Service has come up with the top five evidenced based ways to maintaining well-being:

  1. Connecting with others

  2. Keeping physically active

  3. Learning new Skills

  4. Giving to others

  5. Paying Attention or Mindfulness.

Tenterden Mindfulness Group's new range of taster sessions are the ideal opportunity to learn more about Mindfulness and how it can help you improve and maintain your well-being.

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